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Inspired To Be Grateful

Posted on: October 9, 2015

It’s been a while… but now I’m grateful to be back, grateful to write again about things that I love, grateful for people like Aedriel, which inspire us with their work. Here is her present to all of us: a printable to remind us everyday that we have so much reasons to grateful!



Take a sneak peak at her cosy, light flooded house:


I can almost feel the warmth of the faux fur blanket.


See more on Aedriel Moxley blog here.


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Azul, sweet azul

Posted on: July 11, 2014

Inspired to decorate: by the beautiful colors of the sea. Every time I come back home from a holiday at the seaside I find my self longing for the sensorial experience that only the great azul water can give. I long for the soothing sound of the waves, the unique smell of the beach and the tranquility effect of a day spent in this surroundings. I suddenly feel the urge to bring as much sea as possible into my house. So, I would very much like this:

Candle Holder with candle wax from Broste via
Candle Holder with candle wax from Broste via


And this:

Bodie and Fou roller blinds
Bodie and Fou roller blinds


Some azul pillows to throw on the white sofa:

Bodie and Fou Souk Embroidered Cushion
Bodie and Fou Souk Embroidered Cushion


Azul pillows, Home and Cottage
Azul pillows, Home and Cottage


And azul vases to keep the flowers fresh:

Bulb vase from
Bulb vase from


There’s something magical about the sea, the beach, their colors combined and if you would want to see the paradise through my eyes, I would simply send you to the seaside. Have a nice and serene day (ideally, by the sea)!


via Pinterest
via Pinterest


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Amsterdam colorful apartment

Posted on: June 13, 2014

Inspired by: Amsterdam apartments… and this one in particular. I have already told you here that I’m a geek for Scandinavian interiors. And if I were to make a list, I’d put the Dutch style on the second place. Let me show you why:

dining room area


desk, working area

This is a typical Amsterdam apartment in the idyllic Kerkstraat. And as the majority of the apartments here, this one is housed in a very narrow building. It seems that back in the sixteenth century Dutch authorities imposed taxes based (among other things) on the width of the houses; that made the the Netherlands develop their ability to creatively find ways around limits. And they are doing a great job, considering that the medium width of the buildings is no more than 5 meters.


Look at this gorgeous open kitchen that naturally connects with the living and the dining area. Also, as you could see in the above pictures, the owners found exactly the space needed for the home office in the living room. Five distinct areas in no more than 50 square meters! This is what we can call an achievement. And I am stunned by the fact that it all looks so airy and fresh and also by the fact that one area flows so naturally from another. Now, who says that small spaces can’t meet all of the family needs gracefully? Look bellow please, the kitchen has even a large terrace:

kitchen amsterdam apartment

kitchen terrace amsterdam apartment

The bedroom area of the apartment is one floor below, where you can also find the entrance and a spacious hallway with cloakroom.

masterbedroom 2master bedroom amsterdam apartment

The second bedroom, although very small in size, compensates with two large windows right at the top of the bed that offer a view to die for. Look:

small mint bedroom with a view

view from the small mint bedroom

Want to see more of this apartment? Visit Engel & Voelkers site an you will get an overall idea about the whole property.

Simplicity, novelty, intelligent use of color and space – all these can be found in the apartment above and also can be the hallmark of the contemporary Dutch style.


Have an inspiring day!

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Inspired by Zize Zink

Posted on: June 4, 2014

Inspiration lives here: in Zize Zink creations. I’m so excited I’ve discovered this talented architect/interior designer today! Her work is so fresh, modern, full of life that it’s an inspiration for anyone who takes a look at what she designed. I’ve selected only a few of the many amazing photos you can indulge with on her website:

Zize Zink

This one above is my all time favorite: the living room of a fashion designer in Rio de Janeiro. It’s incredible how Zize Zink combined the family antiques and the pieces with great sentimental value with modern furniture and accents. The overall feel of the entire arrangement is one of warmth, coziness and balance. It’s just perfect and so typical for the carioca lifestyle. You can see more pictures of this project of Zize here.


I wolud love to wake up in a yellow bed like this. It would feel like the Sun itself would dwell next to me in this bedroom.

bathroom white blue

And what do you think about this bathroom? I simply adore the blue/white retro tiles and the contrast that the wood creates.
I could pour tens of pictures of Zize’s marvelous works in here, but you can see them better here. That’s where I’ll be for the next hour happy
Have a nice and inspiring day!
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OSB decor. Yey or ney?

Posted on: June 3, 2014

Inspired to DIY: with OSB plates. Well, kind of…  My husband wants to build a tiny cottage for us in the country. Yes to build it himself, with his own hands! And at a quick budget check we agreed that everything must be low-cost if we want the tiny cottage to have 2 bedrooms. So, he suggested that the interior walls should be in OSB. Now, that seemed an undesirable idea to me, but thank God the internet exists, because I realized what narrow minded I was and how brilliant is my husband. Look at the inspiring pictures below.

I want this OSB decor:

Stealth Barn, CT Architects
Stealth Barn, CT Architects

 Triangle House,

           Triangle House,


And this OSB furniture:

Ochre Barn, CT Architects
Ochre Barn, CT Architects


And what about this as an inspiration for OSB interior decoration:

More gorgeous pictures of the apartment on 3XA site
More gorgeous pictures of the apartment on 3XA site

It seems that OSB is the new black in the world of interior architecture.

Dakota Residence, Studio JP
Dakota Residence, Studio JP

So, OSB walls it shall be! Can’t wait to share these photos with my husband happy

Have a nice and inspiring day!

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Put your hat on… the wall

Posted on: May 27, 2014

Inspired to decorate: with hats grouped on the wall. I still remember every summer holiday spent at my grandparents. But I remember, in particular, how much I used to love their little cob house, with thatched roof, traditional plates and artisan fabrics on the wall. I almost can feel the house smell again. What I loved most, though, was the way their straw hats were hanging on the beam above the kitchen table. I don’t know why they seemed so appealing to me, but every time I see hats in decorating I feel in love all over again happy


Source: Po mjeri

Source: Po mjeri


May all of you have a beautiful and serene summer.


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Brazilians love copper, too

Posted on: May 22, 2014

Inspired to DIY:  an old lamp revived by talented Madame Criativa. You already know that Scandinavians love copper. It seems that Brazilians love it, too. And, not only copper trend proves to be more than just a fad, but look what it inspires skillful people to create:


An old lamp gets a new, beautiful glow

Madame Criativa gives this old lamp a new, beautiful glow.

Not to say that the copper/black combination increases the overall charm of the beautiful lamp. To see the entire tutorial click here. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Portuguese, here is the translated page happy

Thank you Madame Criativa for inspiring us to DIY!


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A house that spells vacation

Posted on: May 20, 2014

Inspiration lives here: in Ibiza, on a steep slope. And this house is like an aquamarine dream. It is built to integrate into the nature and to accommodate nature indoors. Any other words are pale in front of the astonishing images found on DesignMilk


One thing must be said, though: the house can be rented here. Until then, I can still dream looking at it on my desktop backgroundhappy

Sweet dreams!

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Premiere Issue of Inspirera is on-line

Posted on: May 12, 2014

Today is the day!

We finally made it! Today we proudly present you the premiere issue of Inspirera Magazine. So, be our guest, indulge!

If you love to unwind and instill flipping pages packed with lively photos, dazzling spaces and loads of inspiration, you’ll love this new on-line magazine. At any rate, please send your feelings about what you’ve seen and what you’ve read in this premiere issue at


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P.S. Soon it will be available the Romanian version of Inspirera.

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Hello world!

Posted on: March 27, 2013

And welcome to!

I’m so excited to finally get to write here on the blog. This means that the magazine is almost ready and soon you will be able to flip through it’s pages.

Until then a little sneak peak: here is the cover of the premiere issue. What do you think? Yey or ney?