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Why Inspirera?

inspirera (v.) (Swedish)

to inspire, inspirit, suggest, spirit, spirit up

Good pictures of beautiful spaces make me feel uplifted, excited, and yet grounded. Taking this bits and pieces of inspiration under one name and present it to the world, hoping that it will have the same impact on others, was the only thing that could make me feel even better. That’s how the idea of INSPIRERA was born, while reading Scandinavian décor weblogs. Hence the name of the magazine and the theme of the premiere issue.

In its pages, Inspirera recognizes the lovely community of designers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, crafters and DIY-ers, which create charm in the living space, thus bringing quality to life. It is a pleasure to highlight all this creative people and their hard and passionate work, the people that know a real living space is made from living, not only decorating, through participation, not mere perfection. From this great community I’ve learned that we can find our way back to a mindful state by just getting happy about what we’re doing. So, because working at this project makes me so happy, I think Inspirera is my way of meditation. And my hope is that it will be an inspiration for everyone who flips its pages.

If you are like me and love to unwind and instill flipping pages packed with lively photos, dazzling spaces and loads of inspiration, you’ll love this new on-line magazine. At any rate, please send your feelings about what you’ve seen and what you’ve read in this premiere issue at

Alexandra Stoica

Editor in Chief

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